Ketamine for PTSD Treatment in Lawrenceville

Ketamine infusion treatments are increasing in recognition as a treatment option for a variety of mental health problems. Initially made use of as an anesthetic, ketamine has pain-relieving and soothing effects when utilized under medical oversight.

A growing number of physicians are highly recommending ketamine therapy for post-traumatic stress disorder or PTSD. About 8% of Americans struggle with PTSD, a kind of anxiety disorder related to traumatic memories.

Coping with PTSD can make life challenging. Symptoms can include invasive thoughts, extreme anxiety, flashbacks, and nightmares.

At Divine Wellness Clinic, you can experience relief from the signs and symptoms of PTSD. Our team of professionals are experts in helping clients control PTSD with ketamine infusion therapy.

The Benefits of Ketamine Infusions for PTSD

Ketamine infusions work extremely fast– commonly within hours– to relieve depressive symptoms. While scientists are still attempting to identify the mechanisms behind this potent effect, they do know that ketamine promotes an accelerated increase in glutamate.

As the main neurotransmitter that promotes the development of synapses in your brain, glutamate helps enhance and rejuvenate vital neural relationships and pathways surrounding the brain that are most damaged by clinical depression; these new networks help stimulate advantageous adjustments in brain circuit functionality.

Do You Have PTSD?

PTSD was once referred to as “shell shock”. And even though previous and current military members are more vulnerable to developing PTSD, emergency medical personnel, as well as survivors of accidents or possibly various other frightening events are also at a particularly high threat of developing PTSD. Sufferers of crime and maltreatment, and survivors of natural catastrophes, accidents, and bombings are all at risk.

What Are The Symptoms of PTSD?

These can include:

  • feeling like you can’t trust anyone
  • feeling like nowhere is safe
  • feeling like nobody understands
  • blaming yourself for what happened
  • overwhelming feelings of anger, sadness, guilt, or shame.
  • feeling like you have to keep busy
  • avoiding anything that reminds you of the trauma
  • being unable to remember details of what happened
  • feeling emotionally numb or cut off from your feelings
  • feeling physically numb or detached from your body

It is also very common to experience other mental health issues that come with having PTSD, including depression, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts.

Discover How Ketamine Can Help With Your PTSD

If a person you or a person you love is displaying these types of tendencies after a disturbing event, it might deserve having a discussion with them about options for medical treatments. Contact Divine Wellness Clinic now and schedule your free consultation and to learn more about how ketamine infusion therapy helps with PTSD.