Ketamine for OCD Treatment in Lawrenceville

Ketamine has delivered optimism to a psychiatric professional field determined to find new treatment options for extreme OCD, a chronic disorder marked by incapacitating obsessions and repetitive behaviors. Current treatment methods, which include antidepressants like Prozac, can take several months to have any type of impact on the disease if they even work at all.

Among one of the most difficult factors in discovering an efficient treatment method for OCD is that the reaction to medicines and psychotherapy can take up to several weeks or months and can include undesirable negative side effects from medication. For most individuals, it takes an average of 10 full weeks to see marked progress, and patients generally experience only a 40-60% symptom diminishment.

At Divine Wellness Clinic, we are committed to helping those who struggle with OCD. If you have not found relief from other treatments, wish to be without the unwanted negative side effects from prescription medication, or simply want effective relief from the anxiety, depression, as well as behavioral problems that come along with OCD, Ketamine treatments can really help.

The Benefits of Ketamine Treatment for OCD

As pointed out beforehand, OCD is typically cared for with a mix of talk therapy and various antidepressant drugs. These drugs are not made particularly to eliminate OCD symptoms, but rather have demonstrated some accomplishments in alleviating patients. Still, around 1/3 of OCD sufferers do not get considerable relief from first-line interventions, this includes antidepressant drugs. Furthermore, it can take weeks and sometimes months for these first-line treatments to show their real benefits.

Ketamine, however, has the potential to offer fast symptom relief to those battling with OCD. One research study completed in regard to ketamine for OCD provided relief from obsessions within 10 minutes of a ketamine treatment and a full stop to obsessions 30 minutes post-infusion.

The obsessions start to trickle back from around 40 minutes up to to 7 hours post-infusion but do not go back to the base-level of obsessions up until Day 7 post-infusion. In one more study, the rewards of just one ketamine infusion lasted 2 weeks. This is a huge advantage for those individuals who have been diagnosed with OCD because it is a more instant, reliable solution for regulating OCD signs and symptoms.

Is Ketamine Therapy The Right Solution for Your OCD?

Have you unsuccessfully made an effort to minimize your OCD signs and symptoms with conventional antidepressants? Are you searching for a different, more immediate method to control your OCD problems? If you have considered the dangers and benefits of trying ketamine therapy and strongly believe an alternative approach for handling OCD symptoms might just be best for you, contact Devine Wellness Clinic now and schedule your free consultation.